• Transforming BPM Capability in a Service Centric World

    Enabling progressive, low risk, accelerated approach for transforming the way business is managed.

    If you can Visualize it, You transform it

  • AppPoint Featured In 3 of the Gartner Magic Quadrants Reports

    We are proud to be featured in 3 of the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2013 reports covering - BPM Process as a Service (BPMPaaS), Enterprise Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) as well as on Mobile application development platforms

  • Enabling rationalization and transformation of business management infrastructure for a leading fortune 500 service provider

    A leading service provider standardizes on AppPoint’s application infrastructure to integrate, modernize & rationalize existing business management applications as well as to develop and deliver a suite of new collaborative cloud and mobility enabled business solutions to rapidly address its highly demanding and dynamic needs

  • Accelerating innovation at a global fortune 100 engineering firm improving agility to accommodate dynamic business needs

    Empowering business users with a unique approach to define how their key functions are managed ensuring seamless flow of information across diverse functions improving agility, responsiveness, predictability as well as consistency.

  • Enabling Next Generation Business Application

    Leveraging AppPoint’s business application infrastructure, BART Suite launches its suite of next generation cloud and mobility enabled solutions empowering high growth small and medium businesses with enterprise class applications.


Empowering organizations to establish their next generation business management infrastructure

" We understand technology is at the root of most business transformation, but what we needed was a disruptive technology driven by business first approach to transforming our business management capability. After a comprehensive & elaborate process, we chose a technology platform which addressed a broad spectrum of our needs and had the potential to accelerate some of our innovations. The platform so chosen was the business application infrastructure suite from apppoint. "
Mr. M G Raghuraman | Senior VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Launching enterprise mobility platform

    Organizations now have a single unified platform to design, develop and delivery cloud and mobility enabled application OnPremise, On Cloud as well as accr

  • Launching iPaaS and dPaaS services

    Next generation development tools redefining the process of developing and integrating enterprise applications in the cloud

  • Multitier multitenancy model with AppsOnAzure (dPaaS)

    Multitenancy support in any software delivered as a service is not a new concept, but multitenancy with development platform delivered as a service differs

  • Moving from NoSQL to NewSQL

    New wave of NoSQL based solutions

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  • Cloud computing as a utility

    Cloud computing has been around for a while, but the adoption has increased in the recent past than ever before. The big companies always had the advantage

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  • Azure as cloud platform

    AppsOnAzure uses azure as the cloud platform to enable users to develop and deliver cloud applications on a enterprise scale, without having to worry about

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  • Hybrid computing is the way forward

    Public and private clouds are buzzwords that every IT organizations could no

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  • A Point and Click approach to develop and deliver multidevice compatible cloud enabled mobile business applications

  • Implementing AppPoint Treasury Management System

  • Dhatri - Clinical Trials Management Platform

  • BizAPP Enterprise Mobility Infrastructure

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